A Dalit lady excluded from Dalit Student quota in Nepal Law Campus

A Dalit lady named Mehak Lohani with great passion seeking her career in law discipline after 10+2 for last two years has been deprived to be enrolled in LLB from Dalit student quota because of discriminatory attitude and behavior of Nepal Law Campus authority towards Dalits. Mehak Lohani, a daughter of Sital Prasad Bishowkarma and permanent residence of Humin-2- Palpa had appeared in the entrance exam of LLB on 2 Manshir 2068 from Dalit quota.

Along with her, there were three Dalit students who appeared in the exam.45% of pass marks was the minimum criteria set by the campus administration for Dalit student to obtain the quota. Out of 70 seats, the campus authority had allocated two quotas for Dalits students. However, she was only a Dalit lady who obtained 59% marks in the exam out of three Dalit students. Rest two Dalit students even had been unable to get the minimum marks.

Thus, she was the eligible Dalit student to get admission in LLB because of the result score. But, at last moment, the campus authority denied to publish her name in the list of successful students without any prior notice to her. Being a deserving candidate, she inquired with campus authority asking why her name was not published in the Dalit quota list. In response of her queries, the campus authority had mentioned the reason that the submitted certification letter of VDC to prove her as Dalit was not enough. However, the official notice of the campus in this respect is not clear on who are the authorized bodies for certification to Dalits either National Dalit Commission or District Administration Office (DAO). At the last moment, citing a reason of inadequate proof, she was not entertained to enroll in LLB.

To some extent, Free Student Union leader of the campus and some Dalit youths had advocated with the campus authority in favor of the Dalit lady to get admission in the campus. But the authority is no mood to change the decision as the campus has already collapsed the Dalit quota and provided it to the students of the merit list.

It has been a great injustice to her due to prejudiced mindset and discriminatory behaviors of the campus authority. We can conclude that how the so-called upper caste working at government bureaucrats are still creating structural barriers not to uplift Dalit situation in the country. Therefore, this is the high time to fight against such discriminatory attitude and behaviors towards Dalits. Otherwise Dalits will always be Dalits forever. It is not the case of single Dalit student. It reflects the plight of all Dalits who are still deprived to benefit from state facilities due such structural barriers. There is only one option to raise this case through case file in appeal court for getting justice and rights.

Therefore, all the organizations and leaders and rights activists working for Dalits rights are appealed to raise this issue strongly at national level with collective efforts to provide justice to the lady of Dalit community who has great potential and dedication to change the lives of Dalits serving from legal sectors.

Report by:
Shambhu Rasali

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