Dr. Pariyar appointed as the head of State Restructuring Commission

Kathmandu, December 07-

The government of Nepal through the decision of its cabinet held on Tuesday has appointed Dr. Madan P. Pariyar as the Coordinator of the State Restructuring Commission (SRC), which is the constitutional body of experts formed to advise the Constitutional Assembly with the best possible model of federalism and federal structure to be adopted for the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. The government decision comes two days after the major political parties decided to nominate him as the head of eight-member SRC amid widespread criticism faced by the parties and government that there was not a single representation of people of Dalit community, despite they make a major portion of the population, in the powerful body.

Dalit communities are celebrating the appointment of Dr. Pariyar as a signal that Dalits can no longer be left behind in any state affairs. At the same time, his appointment has proved that Dalit communities have provided one of their highly competent performers for the top job. Gone are the days, when Dalits were to remain and excluded from the mainstream society under the traditional state of Nepal. The state must make adequate ways for inclusion of Dalits at all level of state governance as long as the exclusionary environment exists in the society as well as in the state structure, as it is rampant even today.

Dr. Madan Pariyar

Dr. Pariyar, originally an agricultural engineer is a recognized professional in the fields of environment and resource planning. He holds a PhD in resource planning and management from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. He has a long track record of leadership in corporate management, development projects and information technology management in the country. He was the general manager of Birgunj Agricultural Tools Factory, a government company, during Panchayat era. During post-1990s’s multi-party democratic government, he served as the Managing Director of Udaypur Cement Factory, another government corporation, where he won the position through his management proposal in responsed to the government’s call in a national competition. He has served as the member-secretary of the High Level Commission for Information Technology. He also served in the National Poverty Alleviation Fund and many other development projects with his professional expertise. All these coveted career positions he has achieved were through his highly competent qualifications, performance and talents. Lately, he has been a member representing Dalits in the screening committee of Social Inclusion Research Fund (SIRF).

Dr. Pariyar has dual responsibilities to fulfill in this new appointment as the head of the SRC. He is primarily a representative of all Dalit communities and then, a high performing, highly capable leader in-charge of coordinating the high level of team of experts in various fields.

Dalits have been struggling for a high hope of being liberated from the all-round exploitation and exclusions in Nepal. Dr. Pariyar is now their voice for making themselves heard loud and be represented at the highest level mechanism charged with formulating a Dalit friendly federal system to be developed from the ongoing state restructuring process. Dr. Pariyar has now got a rare and perhaps the greatest opportunity for giving back his best to all segments of Dalit communities that they deserve to receive from him in their respective proportions to the population in the country. He has a duty to consult all segments of Dalit people, Dalit leaders, Dalit organizations, Dalit intellectual circles including Nepaldalitinfo network in order to gather their aspirations to put them together and translate them for the larger good of the people in the country and Dalit communities as a whole, in particular. His name will be written in golden letters in the history of Dalits, if he can define and establish Dalits’ well-deserved rightful position in the federal states.

Secondly, he is challenged with the tasks of commanding a leadership role, using his own high level resource planning expertise and strategic management skills for the SRC team to formulate a scientific, socio-economically tenable federal structure that is in the best interest of the Nepal for the long time to come.

The members of Nepaldalitinfo International Network wish him a successful tenure at the SRC, and offer its networking assistance, if need be, that may be helpful in carrying his responsibilities meaningfully as the head of SRC.

Moderator, Nepaldalitinfo International Network


Dr. Pariyar appointed head of State Restructuring Commission

Pariyar named SRC head

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