Interaction Program on Nepaldalitinfo International Network: Celebrating its 10 years of networking

Kathmandu, November 25, 2013-
International Dalit Development Forum- Nepal (IDDFN) organized an Interaction program on Nepaldalitinfo International Network on the occasion of its 10th  successful years of its networking for internationalization of Dalit movement of Nepal. We organized  this program on 25th October 2013 at Orchid Hotel, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu  to discuss and recognize the achievement in the presence of the network’s founding international moderator Dr. Drona P. Rasali. Nearly 25 Dalit and non-Dalit leaders and activists were present at the discussion program including Mr. Ram Prit Paswan- Ex Deputy Speaker of National Assembly, Mr. Chandra Bahadur Sunar- Director of Dalit Vikash Samitee (Government of Nepal), Mr. Gajadher Sunar- chairman of DNF, Mr. Padam Sundas –Chairman of Samata Foundation,  Mrs Kamala Hemchuri- Chairperson of PDRC, Mr. Dhan Bahadur B.K. from National Dalit Commission, Mrs. Gaura Nepali and Mr. Jayram Kaliraj from IDDFN, Mr. Sushil B.K.- Secretary of DNF, MR. Hira B.K. –Dalit Intellectual, Mr. Amrit B, K.- President of JUP. Ms.Abhinashi Paudel- Information and Documentation officer (PDRC), Mr. Rajesh Bagchand from LANCAU, Mr. Raju Paswan from INSEC, Dr. Tara Lal Shrestha- Researcher (T.U.), Mrs. Pampha Pariyar and Ram Nepali from ADWON. Mr. Jhalak B.K., President of Karmijan Sangh (KOREA), Mr. Ritz Baraili from IDUC (Cayman Islands, Americas), , Mr. Pradip B. K.-Dalit Activist Mr. Lokesh B. K.- Student (T.U.) etc.

 After the welcome address of Mrs. Gaura Nepali, Dr. Drona P. Rasali presented the brief note on the achievements of Nepaldalitinfo International Network during this period. In early 2003, a yahoo. group, was opened with Dr. Rasali as its founding moderator. Dr. Rasali single handedly created a website http// with the banner Nepal Dalit Information resources. The original website was a free sign-up and was carrying commercial pop-up banners from the website providers until later on May 3, 2004, when Dr. Rasali freed the website from any commercial advertisement banners, by paying the annual dues for website domain and servers running it. By the year 2004 the website nepal dalit information resources  http//  had been recognized as a research resource for university students and academics with its link established in the following University libraries of the United States, namely, University of California- Berkley Libraries, University of Wisconcin-Madison Libraries.

At the program Dr. Rasali pointed out that there are challenges as well as opportunities of this network such as maintaining as common platform of information and communication for all Nepali Dalits and their community organizations and other stakeholders, internationalization of Dalit movement, serving as the resources of information for academicians and researchers.

Most of the participants gave their views on the statement of Dr. Rasali and put their recommendations as follows to go ahead with this network.



-The network should help create the situation among the activists to pressurize the state to express an explicit formal apology to the oppressed Dalits and compensate them appropriately.

– This network should play the role of facilitator for common discussions through communication and dialogue to insist Dalit movement be united, active and concurrent.
– Enhance national and international intellectual and research oriented activities so as to get tangible positive result on Dalit issues.
– Being a largest component of Dalit population BKs should take initiation to wipe out intra-Dalit discrimination practices still rampant in the communities.
– Intra-Dalit harmony is inevitable to have united voice of strength for Dalit movement.
– The awareness of nepaldalitinfo should be extended to the ground level also.
– The Rastriya Dalit Mahasabha (National Assembly of Dalits) should be constituted to unite Dalit leaders from different political parties and ideas.
– Annual Calendar of the network should be published and it should be linked with the modern IT system.
– Dalit Development Committee (GON) should take the responsibility to handle the network permanently.
– The network should be capable to advice state to formulate polity on Dalits.
– The scholars should prepare papers on Dalit agendas and post them in this network to collect feedback and suggestions from all over the world.

The program was run nearly for 3 hours and was chaired by the chairman of IDDFN Mr. Om prakash VK Gahatraj.

A special report posted by:
International Dalit Development Forum – Nepal

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