Righting a Wrong in the CA through Bye-election: An Early Advice to Nepali Congress

A prominent Nepali Congress leader Prakash Sharan Mahat has revealed that some top Dalit leaders who were offered party tickets for the second CA election had refused to contest in the First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) seats, and had chosen to be enlisted for the Proportional Representation (PR) seats instead. Following the second CA elections results that the party has accumulated the largest number of CA seats, it stands out now that Dalits were not only neglected by the party for the FPTP elections, but also it is tantamount to an insult meted out to Dalit communities commanding an 13% of Nepal’s population, by the party for not fielding even a single candidate representing them in the direct election. Still, there is an opportunity ahead for Nepali Congress to correct this mistake at least symbolically. The Nepali Congress President Shushil Koirala, who has won two seats in the second CA, should stay on in Chitwan-4 seat, and should actually resign from his hometown seat of Banke-3. This CA seat from Banke should be secured for a Dalit candidate for CA by the party through bye-election. A right Dalit leader should be chosen as a candidate from Nepali Congress and be fielded with the full backing of the party deploying all its strengths to win the seat. This should be taken as an early advice to Nepali Congress for righting the wrong that has happened!


Koirala likely to leave Chitwan-4 for Banke-3

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