Downplaying with caste-based ‘hate crime’ is denying justice to the victims

In the 21st century, caste-discrimination, especially untouchability, is a ‘hate crime’ of the worst kind against the whole humanity. Thanks to tremendous pressure from international right groups and concerted struggle of Dalit community of Nepal through their activism, the country has now a law that clearly labels caste-based discrimination and untouchability as punishable crimes. Still, the authorities of law are found largely apathetic to the crimes committed, because of their same caste lineage with the crime perpetrators. When there is any personnel of law authorities belonging to the victims’ caste lineage, he or she is forced out of the scene of the crime so that the person has no role to play in providing justice to the victims. This has happened time and again in those dark days of autocratic Panchayat Raj, and there is no significant change occurring in the mindset of the law administrators even today- keeping the Police officer on duty away from investigation of the caste-based crime committed (like Dalit officer Janak BK in Bajura District) was only an example of the numerous incidents. It is reported that about 90% of the caste-based crimes go suppressed by the authorities in the name of “reconciliation to keep the social harmony in the village”, allowing the crime perpetrators to go scotfree from the crime and leaving no room for justice to the victims. When a victim of such a heinous ‘hate crime’ is left tormented, humiliated, injured or even costing their lives, which are happening on everyday life of Dalits in the nook and corner of Nepal, there is no justice served. This clearly means that the law authorities are simply siding the criminals, and are denying protection of the victims as entitled by the law. Downplaying with caste-based ‘hate crime’ is simply denying justice to the victims, no matter whether the country has a righteous law in place or not!

विश्व हिन्दू महासंघको पहल जरुरी

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