Stateless in their own land – The Baadis of Balchaur

One fine morning in January we were driving past the Baadi Settlement in Balchaur in Kailali. A phone call from the former member of National Dalit Commission Ms Rama Baadi made us stop there. We proceeded to the place  where the Ms. Rama Baadi Lives.

As we ventured into the settlement, the lack of sanitation, drinking water and other basic amenities did not come to us as a surprise. What shocked us  was the feeling of alienation helplessness that was evident in the eyes  of the villagers.

What they said not only reflected their pain and agony but showed the absence of legal bond between the people and the state.

We have made an attempt to capture the plight of Baadis of Balchaur in our camera. We request you to watch the video . The link is given below: 

Report by:
Prabhakar Bagchand

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