The plight of Dalit Christians in Pakistan similar to other Dalit communities in all South Asian countries.

The plight of Dalit Christians in Pakistan is similar to other Dalit communities in all South Asian countries. The conspiracy of silencing them has been a major problem on part of the ruling establishment in whole of South Asia. The culture of denial about the practice of caste based discrimination, exclusion and violence is so deep rooted that the so called upper strata of Hindu, Muslim and Christian society in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sinhala Buddhists (and even Hindu Tamils and Christians) in Sri Lanka completely reject the alleged human right violations on caste lines. The millennia old obnoxious practice, however, continues to manifest itself in multiple forms even today among all religions and faiths across South Asia and in different other parts world on the basis of work and descent.

The complete annihilation of the caste system and the similar kinds of discriminatory and exclusionary systems as practiced the world over would only lead to liberty, equality and fraternity being realised in its true sense of the term. Or else the goal of egalitarianism would remain unachieved.

On the links provided below you would find news story, book review, info about a book by John O’Brien and an interesting news story about former Pakistani cricketer Yousuf Yohana becoming Mohammed Yousuf.

Pakistani Christians Fight Back

Ali Sethi, Opinion, The New York Times, March 24, 2015

Underlying the religious violence are issues of caste and class.

A minority in search of liberation

Meena Menon, The Hindu, January 07, 2013

The Unconquered People

The Liberation Journey of an Oppressed Caste

John O’Brien

For Pakistan’s Dalit Christians, embracing Islam is an escape from stigma

Ajaz Ashraf, First Post, January 14, 2014

The cartographer’s knife slashed the subcontinent into three fragments, but what it failed to surgically remove was caste consciousness from nations not predominantly Hindu. Believe it or not, societal prejudice against dalits was a significant factor behind the decision of former Pakistani cricket star Yousuf Youhana to convert from Christianity to Islam and adopt the name of Mohammad Yousuf.

Report in Solidarity by:

Umakant, Ph.D., New Delhi

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