Police brutality, and ongoing atrocities on Dalits in Nepal: Stern actions demanded against the perpetrators

Nepal’s National Dalit Commission has drawn the attention to the act of police brutality obstructing a peaceful public demonstration held on Srawan 19 (August 3, 2015) in Bijuli Bazar area of Kathmandu to voice against the provisions to reduce Dalit rights and representation in the preliminary draft of the country’s new constitution. A press statement issued by the Commission’s Chairman Man Bahadur Nepali says,”Brutal force used by the police on the peaceful demonstration organized by the Joint Political Dalit Struggle Committee has seriously injured and humiliated several Dalit leaders and activists including Parliamentarians Man Bahadur Bishwokarma and Baljeet Shreepali”.

Also, pointing to a case of atrocity meted out to Dalit community in Nainpur village of Dhangadhi VDC-3 in Siraha District, by other villagers not allowing Dalits to touch the well to fetch their water, the Commission’s press statement says, “Members of Dom community there have been harassed, physically beaten up and forced to be displaced out of the village”. The Commission has demanded legal actions against the perpetrators of police brutality as well as atrocious traditional practice of untouchability.

Nepaldalitinfo International Network deplores the use of brutal police force obstructing the public demonstration peacefully demanding Dalit rights and also condemns the acts of all kinds of untouchability practice, including inhumane cruelty of villagers on Dalit community in Siraha District. Nepaldalitinfo joins in solidarity with National Dalit Commission demanding stern action against the perpetrators acting against Dalit rights. The rights of Siraha’s Dom community should be restored by punishing the perpetrators of ongoing atrocities under Caste-Based Discrimination and Untouchability (Offense and Punishment) Act, 2068 (2011).

Report by:

Nepaldalitinfo International Moderator


जागरण मिडिया सेन्टरले खिचेको दलित आन्दोलनमाथी भएको प्रहरी दमनको भिडियो

  • २०७२ साउन १९ -जागरण मिडिया सेन्टर । नेपाल प्रहरीका “उच्च अधिकारी”ले अनलाईन खबरलाई आज दलित सभासदहरुले प्रहरीमाथि हातपात गरेको कारण बल प्रयोग गर्नुपरेको भन्ने जवाफ…

Police Burtality on Dalits (video)

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