Some Dalit rights among the major articles endosed by CA so far

September 15- Constituent Assembly (CA) of Nepal has the following two articles directly relevant to Dalit rights among the major articles so far endorsed by its two-third majority:
Dalit shall have the right to participate in all agencies of the state based on the principle of proportional inclusion. There shall be special legal provision of empowerment, representation, and participation of Dalit community for employment in other areas also including the public service.
Socially backward women, Dalits, Adivasi, Janjati, Khas Arya, Madhesi, Tharu, minority groups, persons with disabilities, marginalized groups, Muslim, backward classes, gender and sexual minority groups, youths, peasants, laborers, the oppressed and the citizens from backward regions, shall have the right to employment in state structures and public service on the basis of the principle of inclusion.
The CA is preparing for the promulgation of the new constitution of Nepal on September 20, by the President of Nepal, declaring the country as an independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular, inclusive democratic, socialism-oriented federal democratic republican state.
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