Celebration of 125th birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar by Indian Embassy in Nepal

Kathmandu, 15th April, 2016- Yesterday the 14th April, for the first time Indian Embassy to Nepal in collaboration with India Nepal BP Koirala Foundation and Indian Cultural Centre organized a grand programme to commemorate 125 birth anniversary of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. The guest of honour were Ex-Prime Minister and Chairman of Nepal Congress Sherbahadur Deuba, Kulbahadur Gurung and Hisila Yami. The programme was organized in Dhuku hall of Radisson Hotel where more than 400 people were gathered both from Dalits and non-Dalit community.
The President of Nepal India Dalit Friendly Association Mr. Omprakash Vishwakarma Ramdam addressed the huge gathering of the people in which he commemorated. Amdekar by citing his life history and contribution made not just in the lives of Dalits of India but to other marginalized groups as well. He referred to the visit of Dr. Ambedkar in 2011 BS to Nepal during his visit he met then Dalit leaders and encouraged them to fight for the justice. Right after his visit Pashupati temple entry programme was organized. He also stated that Dr. Ambedkar was better educated than all the contemporary Non-Dalit leaders of the time such as Neharu, Patel and many more. He delivered the speech meticulously and made the audience spellbound. The former minister Hisila Yami also addressed the mass and stated that from her early childhood she witnessed the discrimination made to Deula community and understand what the caste discrimination is. She also remembered the various incidents of people’s war and contribution made by it in combating discrimination related to caste. She stated that, she is waiting for long to see Ambedkar born in Nepal. Kulbahadur Gurung former minister and leader of Nepal Congress also addressed the gathering. The Indian Ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Ray welcomed the gathering and stated that Ambedkar is one of the few persons in the world whose statues are found in the nooks and corners of the country. Mr. Deuba also commemorated Dr. Ambedkar and thanked the organizers for inviting him to such an august gathering.
Almost two hours programme also had cultural show from the artists of Nepal India Cultural Centre. They presented three songs, one fully dedicated to Dr. Ambedakar and other two were religious. The dance show was classical Indian related to Ganesh Bandana.
We need to appreciate the programme for commemorating Ambedkar by Indian Embassy in Kathmandu and giving prominence to Dalit leader Omprakash Vishwakarma who has been working tirelessly to connect Dalit leaders of Nepal and India.
Huge number of press was present in the programme but a very few of them produced their reports in their respective media. It is unclear why they were biased towards such a grand event. Among the television channels only Image channel showed the glimpses of Deuba highlighting his call to Madhesi leaders to resolve the Madesh issue. With regard to print only Annapurna gave small space to mention the event. It is said that the cause of not covering the event being the anti-India sentiment of the media.

Report by:

Hira Vishwakarma

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