Dalit friendly ‘nudge’ to Pawan Kharel

Nepaldalitinfo International keeps watching both friendly and negative behaviors to Dalits in Nepal by the state functionaries, social groups and individuals in Nepal. Those who express friendly behaviors publicly are be felicitated as ‘Friends of Dalits’, and those who exhibit any tormenting, hating or ostracizing behaviors to Dalits will be first nudged to become Dalit friendly in a positive reaction, and those who continue practicing unacceptable behaviors will be pursued for corrective actions including legal actions under the Caste-based Discrimination and Untouchability  (Offense and Punishment Act, 2011) of Nepal so that they will be ultimately nudged to adopt a positive behavior.

Recently, Pawan Kharel, a very prominent official of Nepal Police in the rank of Special Superintendent of Police (SSP) gave a rant that unacceptable behavior of a responsible person in public office and is tantamount to an act punishable under the law.  Various responsible governmental and non-governmental agencies and civil societies such as National Dalit Commission and other entities of Dalit organizations are expected to pursue reactions against the rant at various levels. Nepaldalitinfo International Network awards him a reminder tag of ‘No Untouchability Practice’ (छुवाछुत ब्यह्वार निषेध) as a ‘nudge’ that would help him stay Dalit friendly.

Pawan Kharel

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