A Canadian University to host a symposium on Dalits of Nepal

Vancouver, December 7- Canada’s University of British Columbia (UBC) is hosting ‘Symposium on Dalit Issues in Nepal’ in Vancouver. The UBC’s Himalaya Program, Institute of Asian Research and Centre for India and South Asia Research are organizing the event at C.K.Choi Building at its main campus on December 22, 2016.

In the symposium, Mr. Moti Lal Nepali, a noted Dalit activist writer and civil society leader from Nepal, will give a talk about the socio-political status of Dalits in Nepal. A short film, Yash Kumar’s Bato Muniko Phool – the Prologue (Flowers Under the Path – the Prologue), revealing the daily struggles of Dalits in Nepali villages today. Nepaldalitinfo International Network’s founder moderator Dr. Drona Rasali will explain the Network’s role in fostering awareness of Dalit issues in Nepal. UBC’s two Professors, Dr. Sara Shneiderman and Dr. Mark Turin will facilitate the discussion in the symposium.

“The event dedicated to discuss Nepal’s Dalit rights is probably the first of its kind to be held in any Canadian University.”, Dr. Rasali said. “Nepaldalitinfo is collaborating with the UBC to make it a success.”

In the caste-based social structure of Nepal, at least one-seventh of the population, so-called “Dalits”, have experienced discrimination, marginalization, and oppression for centuries.

UBC’s Official announcement of the event:

Symposium and Film on Dalit Issues in Nepal



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