Two radio stations in Canada broadcast live interviews on Dalit issues of Nepal

Nepaldalitinfo Report

Vancouver (Canada), January 8, 2016- Two online radio stations in Greater Vancouver City of Canada broadcast live interviews on Dalit issues of Nepal in recent few weeks after the Himalayan Program of the University of British Columbia organized a Symposium on the Dalit issues of Nepal on December 22, 2016.

The first interview was with Motilal Nepali, a Dalit civil society activist of Nepal currently a visit to Canada on a live broadcast at Spice Radio‘s  “Sunday Special with Gurpreet Singh” on December 25th.

The second interview was broadcast live at DreamZZ Pubjabi Radio on last Wednesday evening (December 4th). Radio host Sukhy Dhillon  interviewed Dr. Drona Rasali (Nepaldalitinfo founder and moderator) and Motilal Nepali, who both discussed various social ills inf the form of caste based discrimination and untouchability still rampant in Nepal. Dr. Rasali was specially concerned about the recent increase in incidents of assaults on Dalits, such as a recent terrible horrifying assault by a school teacher on a woman, labeling her a witchcraft practitioner, beating her heavily, feeding her forcibly human excreta leading to her death in 3 days- an incident that happened in a broad day light in midst of apathetic villagers.  Motilal Nepali highlighted on ongoing Dalit movement to fight against social injustice in Nepal. The broadcast was repeated in 14 hours enabling listeners both in Canada and South Asia to listen to the interview.

IMG_20170104_1936128.jpgDr. Drona Rasali and Motilal Nepali (right) during a livebroadcast interview at DreamZZ Punjabi Radio 


Dalit issues of Nepal discussed over a live broadcast of Spice Radio in Canada

Dalits Issues of Nepal Brought to Light at a University in Canada



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