Mainstreaming Dalits through Sustainable Development Goals:

Kathmandu, February 7- National Planning Commission member Dr Swarnim Wagle addressed a gathering of lawyers, professional civil society actors and students over an interaction event on ‘Mainstreaming Dalits through Sustainable Development Goals’ in Kathmandu today. Speaking as the chief guest on the occasion Dr Wagle said, Sustainable Development Goals though may “look like higher human aspirations” can be achievable through honest intention, clarity in policies and creation of value based institutions and structures. He said these global goals will generate demand for data. Organizations like LANCAU can do a great deal in this area.
On the occasion, chairing the program, Constitutional Expert Advocate Dinesh Tripathi submitted a memorandum on behalf of civil society organization containing indicators for targets of SDG 16.1, 16.3 16.a and 16.b. Advocate Tripathi said basic thrust of democracy is justice. SDG 16 is a global vision and Nepal has committed itself to it. Failure to formulate indicators and address the issues of Dalit would place Nepal in the position of a rogue state.
Addressing the gathering Country Director of Chance for Change Mr. Bhim BK said, poverty of Dalit is directly related to untouchability and caste based atrocities. So, the National Planning Commission should take in account the fact that Dalits are restrained from practicing trade of their choice.
Founder of Dignity Initiative Ms Jinita Biswkarma said , the bulwark of the education system are the test book and the pedagogy . They have a lasting impact on the minds of students. The educational framework should reflect awakening of social consciousness, development of democratic values and feeling of social justice.
Speaking on the occasion Executive Director of LANCAU Nepal Prabhakar Bagchand said’ Dalits have been subjugated and deprived of opportunities for centuries. SDG 16 has the potential to address myriad problems faced by Dalits every day. It is through SDG 16 we can fight poverty, injustice and caste discrimination. It is through law we can bring about change in mindset. ‘If the indicators suggested by Civil society is taken into consideration, it will be a historical move on the part of National Planning Commission’ Mr. Bagchand said.
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