The Global Forum organizes a consultation program on ensuring Dalit Rights, forms its advisory committee

Aurora, Denver, Colorado (USA), March 18-

The Global Forum Against Caste-based Discrimination (Global Forum) successfully organized here today a consultation program, “Global Consultation on Ensuring Dalit Rights for Democracy, Dignity and Justice”. The program was organized on the occasion of 52nd International Day for the Elimination of Racial discrimination.

The chief guest of the program His Excellency Mr Scott DeLiSi, former Ambassador of USA to Nepal explained the provisions of Nepal Government to empower the Dalit community of Nepal. He provided the solidarity to global initiation which is taken by the Global Forum. Special Guest Dr. Man Biswokarma, Joint Secretary, Government of Nepal presented the social status of Nepal. He emphasized, without sensitization of society, it is not possible to achieve democracy and justice. Therefore, ensuring democracy, dignity and justice would in turn ensure the Rights of Dalit community. Padam Biswokarma, International President of International Nepali Literary Society (INLS) presented that the Caste discrimination follow Nepali community everywhere, and we have to advocate against caste discrimination. Dr. Ramesh Sunar also presented that Dalit would be unified to eliminate the casted based discrimination.  Other guests, Binod Tripathi, President of Rocky Moutain Friends of Nepal, Jagat Shrestha, President, Overseas Forum of Nepal,  Krishna Murali Dhungel, President, INLS, Colorado, Hari Shrestha, General Secretary, Shankuwasabha Samaj, Som Baral, President, Global Bhutani Community, Chandra Man Gurung, President Ta Mu Dhi, Colorado,  artist Nabraj Shrestha, Journalist Sailesh Pokhrel, Birat Nepal, Bikal Parajuli also  expressed their views regarding the elimination of caste-based discrimination. Inauguration program was chaired by Tirtha Biswokarma, President of Global Forum, and was conducted by Amrit Biswokarma. Arjun Bagale welcomed the gathering and highlighted the objective of the program in the beginning.

In the second session of the program, speaking remotely from Canada, Dr. Drona Rasali, Nepaldalitinfo International Network Moderator presented a concept on the role of Nepali Diaspora community in the elimination of caste-based discrimination. Dr. Man Biswokarma presented approaches to enhance the reach of Dalit in government policy making and implementation level. On the occasion, His Excellency Dr Arjun Karki, Ambassador of Nepal to the USA addressed the gathering through a video clip, highlighting the programs of Government of Nepal for Dalit rights.

After the consultation program, the Global Forum has organized its 2nd Council meeting, which reformed its Advisory Committee including Scott DeLiSi, Dr. Man Biswokarma, Dr Ramesh Biswakarma, Dr. Drona Rasali, Dharam Biswakarma, Dr. Bishnu Maya Pariyar and Dr. Mitra Pariyar as its advisors.

Report by:
Tirtha Biswokarma

The Global Forum Against Caste-based Discrimination (Global  Forum)


Speech of Dr. Drona Rasali deliberated remotely at the Global Forum event in Denver, Colorado, the USA: Global Consultation on Ensuring Dalit Right for Democracy, Dignity and Justice.

Excerpts of Remarks by Former US Ambassador to Nepal Scott H. DeLisi On the occasion of 52th international Day for elimination of racial discrimination

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