About nepaldalitinfo network

The nepaldalitinfo is an international network of Dalit intellectuals and friends of Dalits of Nepal.

The network has three operational organs:

1. The nepaldalitinfo@yahoogroups.com. Interested Dalit intellectuals and friends of Nepali Dalits can be member of this group upon request made through an email sent to: nepaldalitinfo@yahoo.com.

2. The original website: http://www.nepaldalitinfo.20m.com.

3. The old version of nepaldalitinfo.net blogtype website (posted from June 2006 to September 2010): https://wayback.archive-it.org/org-354/*/http://nepaldalitinfo.net/ (thankfully archived by All University of Texas at Austin Libraries, Human Rights Documentation Initiative)

3. The new website (blogtype): http://www.nepaldalitinfo.wordpress.com.

(posted since October 2010)

The network people:

Over 700 nepaldalitinfo members [as of 06/Nov/2013]
Moderators at Large: Mr. Pratik Pande (USA), Mr. Rajendra Bishwakarma (Nepal)
Moderator in Kathmandu, Nepal: Mr. Suman Paudel, Mahabir Bishwakarma (Jagaran Media Centre)
Moderator in Washington DC, USA : Mr. Rajendra Senchuri
Moderator in London, UK: Mr. Rupesh Silwal
International Moderator: Dr. Laurie Vasily
Old Website Architect: Mr. Sage Radachowsky,
nepaldalitinfo.net Website Owner: Ms. Krishna Rasali, (sponsored hosting from June 2006 to October 2010)
Founding Moderator: Dr. DP Rasali.


In 2003, Dr. DP Rasali, Mr. Hira Vishwakarma and Dr. MB Bishwakarma, who were graduate students in Canada, Ireland and Norway respectively back then, exchanged emails discussing the need of a network to connect all Dalits of Nepal. Dr. Madan Pariyar, Mr. Om Prakash VK Gahatraj, Dr. Chet Pariyar and Mr. Dandiram Bishwakarma also joined the email discussion out of a small email-list. As a result, the Nepaldalitinfo was born in that year.

In early 2003, a yahoogroup, nepaldalitinfo@yahoogroups.com was opened with Dr. Rasali as its founding moderator. Dr. Rasali single handedly created a website http://www.nepaldalitinfo.20m.com with the banner Nepal Dalit Information Resources. The original website was a free sign-up and was carrying commercial pop-up banners from the website providers until later on May 3, 2004, when Dr. Rasali freed the website from any commercial advertisement banners, by paying the annual dues for website domain and servers running it.

By the year 2004, the website nepal dalit information resources http://www.nepaldalitinfo.20m.com had been recognized as a invaluable information resource for researchers, University students and academics, with its link established in the following University libraries of the United States:
University of California-Berkley Libraries
University of Wisconsin-Madison. Libraries

Nepaldalitinfo International Network is now on Wikipedia at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nepaldalitinfo

Challenges and Opportunities:
The Nepaldalitinfo International Network is a movement in itself with the following opportunities and challenges:
* Maintaining Nepaldalitinfo as a common platform of information and communications for all Nepali Dalits and their community organizations.
* Endeavoring internationalization of Nepali Dalit movement
* Providing reliable and strategic information to politicians, lawmakers, policy makers, government agencies, international human rights organizations, international development organizations about the historical context, present conditions, current issues and ways forward for Dalit rights
* Serving as the most comprehensive information resource available to universities, study centers and research institutions around the world that could have academic interests in Nepali Dalits, and the human rights organizations around the world that have concerns for Dalit rights in Nepal.
* Assisting graduate students who are interested to carry out their academic research on Dalits of Nepal and their issues.


This website is operated by Nepaldalitinfo International Network. Inclusion of an article on this website does not constitute endorsement of its content. The material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the information for research and educational purposes by visiting this site which is designed for this purpose. Powered by WordPress.

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